NHL Standings, 1980-2004

With the Stanley Cup playoffs always being wild and unpredictable, perhaps it's not surprising that the two teams with the best winning percentages (points earned out of the total possible points) over the past 25 years -- the Philadelphia Flyers and Boston Bruins -- have failed to win the Cup in that span. And neither have the St. Louis Blues, despite making the playoffs all 25 years.

The NHL's expansion throughout the 1990s hasn't exactly worked -- of the 11 teams with the lowest overall winning percentages, eight are expansion teams.

* Calgary Flames moved from Atlanta for 1980-81 season.
* New Jersey Devils were the Colorado Rockies through 1982.
* Dallas Stars moved from Minnesota for the 1993-94 season.
* Colorado Avalanche were the Quebec Nordiques through 1995.
* Phoenix Coyotes were the Winnipeg Jets until moving for the 1996-97 season.
* Carolina Hurricanes were the Hartford Whalers through 1997.
* San Jose Sharks began play in 1991.
* Ottawa Senators and Tampa Bay Lightning began play in 1992.
* Florida Panthers Panthers and Anaheim Mighty Ducks began play in 1993.
* Nashville Predators began play in 1998.
* Atlanta Thrashers began play in 1999.
* Minnesota Wild and Columbus Blue Jackets began play in 2000.