It's impossible not to imagine all of it -- Alou, the ball and the dreams of every Cub fan -- coming together right above my head. And it's frightening to realize this: I likely would have done the same thing. I would have been Steve Bartman.
"He's doing well now. He's fine. He leads a normal life, as far as I know. Every so often, I see him head into the house, I wave, ask how he's doing and he always smiles back." -- Neighbor Ron Cohen
"Whether he wants to admit it or not, that one play may have changed the course of baseball history. I was sick when I watched that happen. Absolutely sick to my stomach. But I still want to know what happened to him." -- Crisis management expert Jeff Lashey

"I'll go over this with my legal team, and we'll get back to you. Does that sound good?." -- Steve Bartman