E-Ticket No hair is human

To be honest, this bust is not precisely anatomically correct.

Like Eric Dickerson's bust, it has a little more hair on the top than was there in real life, even back in the prime of Terry Bradshaw's career. I usually allow the subjects to influence how they will be seen by history — within reason — and what are a few extra follicles among friends?

Bradshaw was a complete hoot, just like the amped-up, hyper-competitive guy you see on television — actually, even more so. The quarterback would not sit still. He'd pose for a little bit, then walk around for while and come back and do it again.

"I've got to get out of here," he said after a few minutes.

Bradshaw — the MVP in Super Bowls XIII, XIV — and I went outside and had a great time tossing the football around. When I played at BYU, I always had pretty decent hands. The only problem? After about 10 minutes, they started to swell up — not exactly ideal for a guy who makes his living with his hands.

Still, it turned out pretty well. The only balder busts in Canton are those of coach Paul Brown and linebacker Ray Nitschke, and their heads have been rubbed so much by passing fans that the protective patina is gone and the scalp has grown discolored.

If the fans do their job, a few years from now the Bradshaw bust is likely to more accurately reflect the bald reality.