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Faces of Diversity
From sea to shining sea, diversity transcends black and white.
Faces of Diversity
Black History Month is a time to reflect on the changes that diversity brings to sports.'s Wayne Drehs and Aaron Kuriloff searched for the faces of diversity through the far corners of sports in America.

• One family's racial harmony
• Closing a California cultural divide
• Midwest meets Middle East
• A girl's guts and glory
• High school football's melting pot

Vonetta Flowers Berra: All Flowers needs is family
Vonetta Flowers wrapped up her Olympics without a medal, but it didn't matter. Her family was with her.

Herm Edwards Smith: Coaching issue not simply about race
The NFL's hiring process may seem like a black-and-white issue when in reality there's a lot more gray to it, Michael Smith writes.

Carmelo Anthony Farrey: 'Melo's stand on 'snitching'
When Carmelo Anthony got caught up in the "Stop Snitching" movement, the intended message got lost.

Reggie Miller Jackson: Passing the torch
After 18 years of being the hero in Indiana, Reggie Miller leaves the Pacers in the hands of Jermaine O'Neal.

Allen Iverson Jones: Dress down
David Stern will get his dress code. But will it help market the NBA, or hurt it? Bomani Jones says, beware.

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Black History therapy
One short month? The shortest month of the year? It's enough to drive a man to his shrink. Alan Grant says African-American athletes like Serena Williams are worth celebrating all the way from January through December. Story
The NBA Prophet
Etan Thomas isn't one of the best players in the NBA, so what he has to say sometimes isn't heard. And that's too bad because Scoop Jackson says Thomas's voice is definitely worth hearing. Story
Eric Allen: NFL needs to progress
Barry vs. the Babe
We know this much about Barry Bonds and the bad vibes he gets from many baseball fans: There is no such thing as an easy answer. As Bonds begins his final assault on Babe Ruth's career home-run record this season, Mark Kreidler takes a look at the role race might play. Story
Hilldales receive tribute
Raleigh "Biz" Mackey and the Darby Hilldales, the 1925 Negro League champs, are finally being recognized for their contributions. Joe Santoliquito writes on how one of the best Negro League teams to ever play the game was anonymous even to the surrounding communities. Story
The results: 17 are elected
Noren: O'Neil awaits Hall
Santoliquito: Dwindling Negro Leaguers
Davis Makes History
Not everyone likes Shani Davis. But his win -- becoming the first black athlete to win an individual gold at the Winter Games -- and nothing else will stand the test of time, says ESPN The Magazine's Eric Adelson. Story
Davis bests Hedrick in 1,500 | Caple: No villains here
Shani Davis profile | Your take | Winter Olympics Index
Making the Minority Grade
Colorado's rush to hire a football coach all but bypassed the Black Coaches Association's diversity standards, but the Buffs are not alone in stiff-arming the organization,'s Mike Fish reports. Story
Schad: Catching up with Dan Hawkins | Lapchick: Deflation
Exceptions to the rules | Coloring within the (guide)lines
ESPN will honor the trials, triumphs and legacy of the African-American athlete throughout the month of February with daily vignettes, entitled "This is How We Lift Our World," that will highlight philanthropic contributions made by top athletes.