As much as I love horses, I'll admit I don't really love riding them. As much as I love elephants, I do love riding them. They go whatever speed my mahout, Nool, says they should. Mahout is the name for those who care for and jockey elephants. That's right -- Elephant Polo. Rich men from around the globe, who usually play polo on horses, were bored. The good news is the rich men bring money. And with it, many elephants are rescued and cared for.

But care went out the window when we visited Lumpinee Stadium for Muay Thai Boxing. They do everything to each other but bite and scratch. (Because they're too busy kneeing each other in the kidneys.) "Ice cream right now" is served for the children. That's another story. We ran into it outside of this crazy sport called sepak takraw. It's best played by soccer stars or martial artists. Not me.

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