New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand, is known as the "Adventure Capital of the World" and it is there that I got over a couple of my deep fears in life. Firstly, I've never been good with heights. The Space Needle glass elevator scares the hell out of me. So I looked height right in the face and jumped off it. Bungy jumped (yes, that's how it's spelled in NZ). The Space Needle is scarier.

I've also had a life-long fear of taking a 20-foot jumper. I can throw things well, but my jumper is not artful. I made one shot in the unique sport of netball. But keep in mind, they don't use backboards. My UCLA bank was closed. Against girls.

One thing I've never feared is driving fast on water. But never as fast as I did on a jetboat in New Zealand. Six inches from a concrete pillar. I guess I'm over that now too.

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