NBA Stars: Then & Now
With LeBron James turning 30, let's take a look at how time has treated

some of the NBA's stars. Spoiler: Some have aged better than others.

2003 / 2014

Lebron James

He's been called the King since he joined the Cleveland Cavaliers as a rookie. But to look at the baby-faced teenager of 2003 is to see more of a prince -- at least compared to the bearded, bulked-up (although slightly slimmed-down in 2014-15) and, sadly, hair-losing LBJ of Cavaliers 2.0. Getty Images

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1997 / 2014

Kobe Bryant

Kobe's team and playing style haven't changed, but a lot else has -- even his number. Most notable is his hair; once quite voluminous, these days it's all but gone (much like a certain player he gets compared to from time to time). Getty Images

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2007 / 2014

Kevin Durant

When Durant entered the league, the scouting report from pro and amateur observers was the same: He needs to bulk up. And ... well ... he has ... but not much. That's one of the remarkable things about the reigning NBA MVP. He's among the top players in the league, on track for a Hall of Fame career, and still resembles the skinny kid who couldn't bench-press 185 pounds once at the NBA draft combine. Getty Images

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2003 / 2014

Carmelo Anthony

That Melo has bulked up since entering the league is no surprise; he joined the Nuggets as a lanky teen and often has played the 4 in the NBA. But most notably different is the absence of cornrows, which once ruled the league but now are virtually extinct. (Oh, and his uniform change is significant as well...) Getty Images

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1999 / 2014

Dirk Nowitzki

The snickers were audible when Don Nelson traded for Dirk on the night of the 1999 NBA draft, and it surely had much to do with the appearance of this then-gangly 7-foot German. But nobody's laughing now at the slightly shaggier-headed Teutonic tower. Getty Images

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2009 / 2014

James Harden

Has Harden shaved since entering the NBA? He surely hasn't in a while, and we hope he doesn't start anytime soon. Getty Images

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2003 / 2014

Manu Ginobili

Poor Manu, victim of the dreaded male pattern baldness. He really doesn't look that much different from when he became a San Antonio Spur in 2002. But that hair ... such a sobering reminder that even four-time champions can't withstand the ravages of bad follicular luck. Getty Images

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2005 / 2014

Dwight Howard

Howard's face has aged as one would expect over the 10-plus years he's been in the league. But those shoulders. They're huge now ... and were nearly that size when he entered the league as a 6-foot-11 man-teen. Getty Images

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2008 / 2014

Marc Gasol

Both Marc and brother Pau have changed quite a bit since coming stateside from Spain. But while Pau went from clean-cut to scruffy while bulking up in the typical NBA way, Marc has done the reverse, losing hair and weight en route to becoming a legitimate MVP candidate. Getty Images

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2002 / 2014

Chris Andersen

Is it any surprise someone who played at Blinn College then went to China before finding his way into the NBA with the Denver Nuggets (as the first-ever D-League call-up, no less) would not stop his transformative ways once in the Association? The man they named "Birdman" long before we knew anything about Hollywood movie star Riggan Thomson has gone from a tall, skinny, clean-shaven, buzz-cut dude with only a couple of tattoos to a virtual human mural with a bushy beard and a faux-hawk that at times has been full mohawk. Getty Images

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