Saquon Barkley
Running back, New York Giants Two-time Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year
Photographs by Sophy Holland
Behind the scenes by Eric Lutzens
Shot in Los Angeles, CA
height 6’ 0”
weight (lbs) 230
age 21
“Your body is a temple.”1:55
Sue Bird &
Megan Rapinoe
Sue Bird &
Megan Rapinoe
Point Guard, Seattle Storm 10-time WNBA All-Star Forward, Seattle Reign FC 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup champion
Photographs by Radka Leitmeritz
Behind the scenes by Eric Lutzens
Shot in Seattle, WA
Sue Bird
Point Guard
height 5’ 9”
weight (lbs) 145
age 37
Megan Rapinoe
height 5’ 6”
weight (lbs) 132
age 32
Megan Rapinoe “It's pretty amazing to think about [being on the cover of the Body Issue], especially in the times we're in. Just think of how far we've come, but also the current climate. Not only are we female athletes, but we're dating as well. It's kind of bad-ass.” read the full interview
Sue Bird “Yeah, I think it'll probably be even more bad-ass later. A year, five years, 10 years, 20 years, to look back and be like, Oh, they were the first openly gay couple to be on the cover, to be in the issue.” read the full interview
Bird: “You can see every muscle moving.”3:25
Tori Bowie
Sprinter (100M and 200M relays), long jumperthree-time Olympic medalist
Photographs by Dana Scruggs
Behind the scenes by Eric Lutzens
Shot in Sanford, FL
height 5’ 9”
weight (lbs) 121
age 27
Tori Bowie “Right now, I'm more concerned with the mental side of competition than with my body. I'm working on learning how to zone out the rest of my competition and just focus on myself.” read the full interview
“I am the fastest in the world right now.”1:16
Lauren Chamberlain
Infielder, USSSA Pride All-time NCAA home run leader
Photographs by Hana Asano
Behind the scenes by Eric Lutzens
Shot in Oklahoma City, OK
height 5’ 9”
weight (lbs) 185
age 24
Lauren Chamberlain “When I started to get good at sports and when I started hitting the ball really far, that's when my body image changed. I loved what my body was doing for me on the field, and that started to translate off the field.” read the full interview
“It's a lot of angles and a lot of curves.”1:37
Jessie Diggins
Cross-country skier 2018 Olympic gold medalist
Photographs by Dina Litovsky
Behind the scenes by Eric Lutzens
Shot in Stratton, Vermont
height 5’ 4”
weight (lbs) 127
age 26
Jessie Diggins “Cross-country skiing is a silent sport. You're moving under your own power. It's such a wonderful feeling. It's almost meditative sometimes.” read the full interview
“I need to celebrate my body for what it does.”1:43
Crystal Dunn
Forward/defender, North Carolina Courage, U.S. women's national team National Women's Soccer League MVP, 2015
Photographs by Marcus Smith
Behind the scenes by Eric Lutzens
Shot in Raleigh, NC
height 5’ 2”
weight (lbs) 122
age 25
Crystal Dunn “I accept who I am. I am not the biggest, but that doesn't mean I can't be the quickest or the smartest and find other ways of being successful.” read the full interview
“I can't wish I was taller.”1:37
Charlotte Flair
WWE WrestlerSeven-time WWE champion
Photographs by Nick Laham
Behind the scenes by Eric Lutzens
Shot in Orlando, FL
height 5’ 10”
weight (lbs) 160
age 32
Charlotte Flair “I am all athlete. It's important that my looks have nothing to do with what I do in the WWE.” read the full interview
“I want to carve out my own path.”1:48
Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Forward, LA Galaxy Swedish national team's all-time leading scorer
Photographs by Peter Hapak
Behind the scenes by AAron Ontiveroz
Shot in Los Angeles, CA
height 6’ 5”
weight (lbs) 209
age 36
Zlatan Ibrahimovic “To be creative [on the field], I need to be angry. I need to be very angry. ... I find the haters and make that give me energy.” read the full interview
“The age is just a number.”2:30
Dallas Keuchel
Houston Astros starting pitcher 2015 Cy Young winner, 2017 World Series champion
Photographs by Kurt Iswarienko
Behind the scenes by Eric Lutzens
Shot in Austin, TX
height 6’ 3”
weight (lbs) 205
age 30
Dallas Keuchel “This offseason, I gained 15 to 18 pounds, and I honestly feel like I'm a rookie now, my body feels that good ... As a baseball player, if I'm pitching 35 times a season, seven innings a pop, 100 pitches a game, I need some fat, I need some extra meat on my body.” read the full interview
Dallas Keuchel “I've been so infatuated with the biomechanical, Mad Max-type of scene. I wanted to do something where it portrayed me as what I view myself. And this couldn't have been any better than how I actually envisioned it.” read the full interview
“I want to play for as long as possible.”1:51
Greg Norman
Retired PGA Tour golfer 20-time PGA Tour title winner, World Golf Hall of Famer
Photographs by Kwaku Alston
Behind the scenes by Eric Lutzens
Shot in Hobe Sound, FL
height 6’ 0”
weight (lbs) 184
age 63
“I work out to be life fit.”1:40
Yasiel Puig
Right fielder, Los Angeles Dodgers2014 All-Star, 2017 NL pennant winner
Photographs by Peggy Sirota
Behind the scenes by Eric Lutzens
Shot in Los Angeles, CA
height 6’ 2”
weight (lbs) 245
age 27
Yasiel Puig “I can't worry about the things people around me say. I have always been free and transparent. Don't pay attention to the critics or the people who are outside the field of play.” read the full interview
“MLB players don't need to be sexy.”1:50
Jerry Rice
Retired NFL wide receiverThree-time Super Bowl champion, 13-time Pro Bowler, Pro Football Hall of Famer
Photographs by Carlos Serrao
Behind the scenes by AAron Ontiveroz
Shot in Woodside, CA
height 6’ 1”
weight (lbs) 200
age 55
Jerry Rice “I think I'm more muscular now than when I played football. I'm working hard on it. So many athletes just let themselves go after they stop competing. That was something I didn't want to do.” read the full interview
“This guy can still play.”1:45
Adam Rippon
Figure skater 2018 Olympic bronze medalist, team figure skating
Photographs by Mark Seliger
Behind the scenes by Eric Lutzens
Shot in Lakewood, CA
height 5’ 7”
weight (lbs) 145
age 28
Adam Rippon “I couldn't have done this [shoot] while I was in the closet. I think that, with my experience of coming out, I felt so liberated in so many ways.” read the full interview
“Your body is literally a tool.”1:59
Breanna Stewart
Forward, Seattle Storm Four-time NCAA champion, 2017 WNBA All-Star
Photographs by Marcus Eriksson
Behind the scenes by Eric Lutzens
Shot in Seattle, WA
height 6’ 4”
weight (lbs) 185
age 23
Breanna Stewart “I've invested a lot into my body because I want to take advantage of my time as a professional basketball player as much as I can.” read the full interview
“I definitely embrace my length.”1:54
Karl-Anthony Towns
Center, Minnesota Timberwolves 2015-16 Rookie of the Year, 2017-18 All-Star
Photographs by Martin Schoeller
Behind the scenes by Eric Lutzens
Shot in Los Angeles, CA
height 7’ 0”
weight (lbs) 220
age 22
Karl-Anthony Towns “Growing up, I'd always been told that my biggest weakness was my body, and how that was probably going to hold me back from accomplishing my dreams.” read the full interview
“I love working out, I love grinding.”1:36