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By Ted Bishop

So you want to get the kid on your list something "educational," but you still want it to be "fun?" Valtech's Magna-Tiles just might be the answer. According to their website, the magnetic toys are "designed to hold a child's interest and attention, build critical development skills and promote imaginative play and creativity." I can't speak to that, but I can attest that my two 5-year-olds and one 8-year-old are still going strong on these even though they were last year's holiday gift. While the little guys use them primarily to build spaceships, the 8-year-old uses them to build GI Joe forts. Either way, they have gotten tons of use. Downside to this gift is they are not cheap, and don't even think of buying online if you have to pay shipping. Thanks to their weight, that will add up. Good news is a lot of independent toy stores carry them, and their website has a store locator to make that an easy option. From experience, I've learned that the clear tiles are much more popular. Have no clue why, but if the store carries both -- go with the clear set.



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