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Lego Sets

By Ted Bishop

Let's face it, if your kid is 7 or younger, you're probably going to have to help him or her build whatever Lego creation they get for the holidays. So why not have fun and get a set you can both enjoy? Go back in time and help build Marty McFly and Doc Brown's DeLorean time machine. This set comes with action figures of both Marty and Doc as well as a skateboard. Doors open up like the real car and the wheels fold up and engage hover mode.

For the younger kids, Legends of Chima has been a huge hit for Legos since bursting onto the scene with its own Cartoon Network series. Cragger's Command Ship or the Lion CHI Temple offer options at different price points from the series that is bound to please.

DeLorean Time Machine Building Set - $40

Craggers Command Ship - $80

Lion CHI Temple - $120


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