Looking for an edge in the NCAA pool? Look no farther than the Golden Arches: For two decades running, every champ has had at least one McDonald's All-American on its roster. Bad news for Utah, whose title hopes are on a Mormon mission with Britton Johnsen, and for Iowa, now that Sam Okey's wrist is in a cast. And you can scratch Auburn, Cincy, Ohio State, Miami, Wisconsin, Charleston and New Mexico. Dark horses include St. John's (Ron Artest and Erick Barkley) and Minnesota (Joel Przybilla). But the best Big Mac attack? Duke. With seven of Mickey D's finest, they should walk away with the fries.

By the Numbers

Here's who's schooled the most of Mickey D's finest:

North Carolina 39

Duke 26

Kentucky 21


Michigan, Kansas 18

Indiana 17

Mickey D's Hall of Fame:

Mike Bibby

Grant Hill

Magic Johnson

Michael Jordan

Christian Laettner

Danny Manning

Ron Mercer

Charles O'Bannon

Ed Pinckney

Sam Perkins

Antoine Walker

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