Hannah Teter's gold medal tour took her on a two-day spinner through the Big Apple, proving there's no rest for the best

The face of women's snowboarding hates makeup. But as she's getting primped before her umpteenth post-Torino TV appearance, 19-year-old Hannah Teter is learning that mascara and eye shadow are two lesser known side effects of that golden disc hanging around her neck. "Funny how one halfpipe run can change your life," she says. Not just any run, but the Olympic halfpipe final that Teter capped with a soaring frontside 900. "I've been striving for attention my whole life," says Hannah, the younger sis of four brothers. "Now I have it." ?? We'll say. Since winning gold on the third day of the Games, this free spirit from Belmont, Vt., has charmed Letterman and waved the start flag at the Daytona 500. Now she's going toe to toe with the domestic goddess herself. On the menu: Martha Stewart's homemade granola spiked with Teter family syrup. Hannah's brother Amen pulls the gold medal from his back pocket and hands it to his sister. "We should polish it," she says. "Martha would like that." ?? It's Week 2 of the Teter victory tour, which includes a two-day loop through New York's media machine. Even when the cameras stop rolling, Hannah keeps talking. She has no shortage of stories or opinions. "Shaun White and Danny Kass were obsessed with trading Olympic pins. I bet they can say 'pin' in every language." Her take on Lindsey Jacobellis' now-infamous brain cramp that turned gold into silver: "It's cool she wanted to throw some freestyle into snowboard cross. She was having fun, and she messed up." What about the pre-Torino hype surrounding Gretchen Bleiler? "She had a great run. She didn't fall. And I won." ?? After the show, Teter retrieves her medal from around Martha's neck. Next stop is Fox News. "Do they have a makeup person?" Hannah asks, reaching between the front seats of a black Suburban to crank the music. "I'm starting to like this."


It's Tuesday in New York, and Teter's spot on Fox News' Dayside is cut short by breaking news: Vivi, a prize-winning whippet, has disappeared from JFK Airport. A pet psychic is summoned to discuss the missing pooch. It's a strange segment to say the least. "What was that?" Teter asks as she zooms off to an interview at MSNBC. Inside the New Jersey studios, she watches the Sweden-Slovakia hockey game in the greenroom. Swimmer Natalie Coughlin, a guest on a later show, stops by to gush: "I saw you on Martha this morning. You were great!" She's hardly the first to notice. Comedian Jimmy Fallon, who shared the Late Show couch with Teter a week earlier, was also impressed. "He asked me how I was so relaxed, because he gets super nervous," Hannah says. "He's a pro actor, and he's asking me for advice! I told him I'm just having fun."


Early mornings make for clumsy starts. It's 7 a.m. on Wednesday, and Teter, who's five blocks from her hotel, is in a panic. "I forgot my medal!" Take two: She arrives at Fox & Friends, toting the medal in her hat. "Uh oh!" The hat slips and her prize crashes to the pavement, a chunk now missing. "Now I can see it's solid gold," Teter jokes. Less stressful is a swag spree to the SoHo store of sponsor Burton, followed by a trip to MTV. Teter sees buddy Shaun White and they swap Martha stories. "She's gonna help me furnish my house," Shaun says. "Dude," Hannah replies, "Martha told me she thought you were a girl."