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The Universal Ad Package (UAP) is a new way to streamline the creative delivery and ad serving process across ESPN sites that use responsive design. It is a standardized collection of ad units and sizes that when submitted together, will account for ESPN's digital ad products on any screen size or platform. ESPN's ad system will determine the appropriate creative size to deliver to users for a consistent ad experience across desktops, laptops, tablets, handsets, and beyond.

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How it Works

The Universal Ad Package creates a simple way to submit creative to reach virtually any user device without having to include complicated targeting that can create unnecessary risk. Ad units are sold by type, not by platform, divided into different screen resolution "profiles" to account for the fragmentation of ad traffic from a variety of sources. All profiles are included when trafficking an ad type, not individually, which means better user-experience protection as well as maintaining a high-quality representation for advertisers.

UAP diagram

Responsive web design eliminates the need for device-specific web sites, like tablets or smartphones, for example. With a responsive site, users can see the same content on any device, and instead, the web site rearranges itself to fit the device screen. The ad server can then detect the user's screen resolution and deliver the appropriate-sized ad. This means creative integrity can be retained on various devices along with delivering to the largest pool of traffic possible.

Key Benefits

  • One single package of ad units to cover all digital properties.
  • Standardized unit specifications.
  • Consistent ad experience across devices.
  • Reduction in trafficking errors.
  • Less custom creative development lead time required.
  • Improved organization and communication in the trafficking process.