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The Billboard is a Premium unit as part of the UAP that remains fully expanded until collapsed by the user. The added benefit of this unit is that it does not automatically collapse like Pushdown units. If collapsed, the ad space is reduced, but a link with a button can allow the user to re-expand the ad at any time. This ad is available only on the Large screen profiles. XL, M, and S will be served alternate units as part of the UAP; please consult with your account manager for more information.

Ad Serving
In-house or approved third-party vendor. HTML5 Billboard creative can only be served via an approved-third party vendor.
Ad profiles cannot be sold on an individual basis. Creative must be submitted for each profile outlined below.
This unit is only available for Large screen profiles on the ESPN Frontpage and Sport Index pages.
Additional Information
This execution utilizes ESPN's Universal Ad Package (UAP).
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(adjust your browser's width to see different screen profiles. Billboard is visible on L only.)
Please allow five business days for testing and approval.
For more information, please see our Technical Guidelines.


Billboard L

Pixel Dimensions
  • 970x250
File Weight
  • 250KB or less on load
  • See video file weight restrictions below.
Accepted File Types
  • .jpg, non-animated .gif, .png, HTML5, javascript tag from approved 3rd party vendor
HTML5 Requirements
  • HTML5 Billboard creative can only be served by an approved third-party vendor. First-party serving is not available.
  • HTML5 creative served via an approved third-party must delivered via javascript or iframe tag. Raw files will not be accepted.
  • The file weight restriction above applies to all HTML5 files and assets including images, HTML/JavaScript/CSS files, custom fonts, or any other assets.
  • HTML5 creative requires a minimum lead time of five business days for testing and approval.
  • See our HTML5 Guidelines page for more details.
  • Up to 30 seconds of animation/video is allowed without user-interaction.
  • An additional two minutes of animation/video is available if initiated by the user.
  • User-initated re-expands must occur on click and push the page content downward, not overlay.
  • Auto-play video must utilize a polite download and must not exceed 30 seconds and 2.2MB.
  • Auto-play video cannot be served via YouTube player.
  • User-initiated video must not exceed 20MB.
  • Video files must include "Play", "Pause", and "Mute" functions at minimum.
  • Audio must be user-initiated only on click.
Additional Information
  • All creative assets, including tracking URLs, must use "https" (secure protocol); only click URLs may use "http".
  • The Billboard L will be available for users with a screen resolution between 1024px and 1279px wide.
  • Due to this placement being only available for Large screen profiles, the remaining profiles for XL, M, and S will serve either a Banner or Pushdown equivalent. Please consult with your account manager to discuss availability.
  • Third-party served Billboards must contain "Close Ad" text with button in the top right area of the ad unit. This button will collapse the entire ad until re-expanded by the user.
  • Site-served assets will have the "Close Ad" text and button overlaid automatically. The top right 130x35 pixel area of the ad should be free of logos, text, or patterns to ensure legibility.
  • After collapse, "Show Ad" text with a re-expand button will remain in the right side of the collapsed ad space. This button will allow the user to re-expand the ad to its full expanded dimensions.
  • If the user does not collapse the Billboard and navigates away from the page and returns later, the ad will remain expanded. If collapsed by the user, the Billboard will remain collapsed on subsequent returns to the page until it is re-expanded by the user.
  • Third-party creative/ad tags must have a z-index set below 999999.