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UAP Premium Ad Units >Vertical Video

Vertical Video is a Premium ad unit built in-house by ESPN and developed specifically for the S screen profile on This placement serves to smartphone handset devices with an InContent 300x250 that resizes as a user scrolls to it. The unit then plays a 9:16 aspect ratio video designed to fit perfectly on a phone screen. A standard 320x50 Banner is also included with this execution.

Ad Serving
Built and served in-house by ESPN only. Third-party tracking is permitted.
This unit is available for the Small (S) screen profile only.
Additional Information
This execution is a part of ESPN's Universal Ad Package (UAP).
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Please allow five business days for testing and approval.
For more information, please see our Technical Guidelines.


Vertical Video S

Creative Guide
Pixel Dimensions
  • Varies: the auto-video state will resize to the device's screen.
  • 374x576 (still frame end card for video)
  • 500x220 (CTA/logo overlay for video/end card)
  • 300x250 (collapsed state, 600x500 for hi-res)
  • 320x50 (companion Banner, 640x100 for hi-res)
File Weight
  • Raw video file 50MB or less (will be encoded by ESPN). Target for final video creative is 1MB.
  • 40KB or less (end card still)
  • 75KB or less (static InContent, 150KB or less for hi-res)
  • 20KB or less (static Banner, 40KB or less for hi-res)
Required Files
  • 9:16 aspect ratio video (ex. 374x576px) .mp4
  • Hi-res logo and/or image files must be provided for the ESPN build (.psd preferred).
  • .jpg, .png. non-animated .gif for Banner and InContent creative.
  • For the 500x220 CTA/logo overlay for video and end card a .png image with transparency is preferred.
  • Video and images will be optimized by ESPN.
HTML5 Requirements
  • Vertical Video must be built and served by ESPN only.
  • See our HTML5 Guidelines page for more details.
Animation/Ad Behavior
  • The Vertical Video auto-play video is capped at one time per user per day.
  • The unit auto-plays when more than 50% of creative appears on screen.
  • Auto-play video is limited to 6 seconds, after a 12 second timer is activated before auto-collapse. User interaction during this time will reset the timer.
  • Ad unit resolves to a InContent 300x250 upon collapse.
  • Video must use a 9:16 aspect ratio. Creative submitted in alternate dimensions will need to be reformatted by the client/advertiser.
  • Auto-play video is limited to 6 seconds in length. User-initated video may be up to 30 seconds in length.
  • The video clip and end card will feature an overlay logo/CTA graphic. Video should be free of text or logos that may affect viewability of the CTA portion of the creative.
  • User-initiated video plays inline on Android, in native player on iOS devices pre-iOS X.
Additional Information
  • The Vertical Video S will be visible to users with a screen resolution less than or equal to 767px wide.
  • Advertisement and scroll text will be added to the top and bottom of the creative (see above example).
  • This ad unit is a part of ESPN's Universal Ad Package (UAP) as a Premium-level ad unit.