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The Sport Ladder sponsorship has a Banner-style ad unit that is placed above the sport/league ladder. This unit typically appears in the rightmost column of page content for larger screen profiles.

Ad Serving
In-house or approved third-party vendor.
Ad profiles cannot be sold on an individual basis. Creative must be submitted for each profile outlined below.
Additional Information
This execution utilizes ESPN's Universal Ad Package (UAP).
Please allow five business days for testing and approval.
For more information, please see our Technical Guidelines.


Sport Ladder Banner

Pixel Dimensions
  • 300x50
File Weight
  • 100KB or less
Accepted File Types
  • .jpg, non-animated .gif, .png, HTML5, javascript tag from approved 3rd party vendor
HTML5 Requirements
  • HTML5 creative may be site-served by ESPN if the following requirements are met:
    • A single click-through URL/redirect.
    • No in-unit video.
    • No additional interactive features aside from the click-through (restrictions include photo galleries, mouse-over interactions/animations, etc).
  • HTML5 creative served via an approved third-party must delivered via javascript or iframe tag. Raw files will not be accepted.
  • The file weight restriction above applies to all HTML5 files and assets including images, HTML/JavaScript/CSS files, custom fonts, or any other assets.
  • HTML5 creative requires a minimum lead time of five business days for testing and approval.
  • See our HTML5 Guidelines page for more details.
  • Total animation time may not exceed 20 seconds.
  • No more than three loops of animation are allowed within the 20s limit.
  • Not accepted.
Additional Information
  • All creative assets, including tracking URLs, must use "https" (secure protocol); only click URLs may use "http".
  • The Sport Ladder unit will serve a single creative size across all profiles.
  • This ad unit is a part of ESPN's Universal Ad Package (UAP).