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Guidelines >General Guidelines

  • Overview

    Advertiser's advertising environment must be appropriate in the context of the ("ESPN") on which Advertiser's advertising content shall appear. The advertising environment includes the advertising content itself, the specific destination URL and, if applicable, interstitial and buffer or landing pages reached from such content. In addition to the content guidelines listed below, Advertisers must have a privacy policy that is clearly posted either on the landing page from the advertisement or on the Advertiser's home page. If the privacy policy is found only on the home page, there must be a link to the home page from the landing page. Where the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA") applies, Advertisers must take appropriate measures to ensure that they are COPPA compliant.

    • All creative content must comply with ESPN's "Advertising Content Regulations".
    • The creative content must be clearly identifiable as an advertisement, as opposed to a link within ESPN site content. Advertisers must be clearly identified by name in at least one frame of the advertising content.
    • Creative units that have a white or partially white background must be bound by a visible one pixel non-white box built into the graphic. Creative must still meet size specifications with border.
    • All advertisers must have a privacy policy, no more than one click from the linking page to the creative unit.
    • Creative units must have a linking URL that resolves to an active page.
    • All Flash and third party creative must open a new window.
    • Alt text: 30 Character max.
    • Placeholder or non-final creative content will not be considered as "proxies" for final creative.
  • ESPN Approval

    ESPN must approve all advertising content prior to posting on the ESPN sites, in ESPN's sole discretion. Once advertising content has been posted on the ESPN sites, ESPN shall have the right to remove previously approved advertising content from the ESPN sites if ESPN later determines that Advertiser's advertising does not meet ESPN's standards or comply with Disney policies.

  • Content Guidelines

    Below, without limitation, are the general creative content guidelines regarding advertising materials for ESPN sites; provided, however, nothing contained herein shall limit ESPN's right to reject any advertisement at any time.

    1. Advertising content that is inappropriate for all ESPN Sites:
      • Tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, pipes, chewing tobacco, etc. and except for anti-smoking campaigns approved by ESPN)
      • Guns (firearms, bullets, etc.)
      • Illicit drugs (marijuana, etc. and except for anti-drug campaigns approved by ESPN)
      • Pornography (sex sites)
      • Potentially slanderous or libelous content
      • Vulgar language, proxies for vulgar language (X@#%!)
      • Gambling (excluding legal state lotteries, sweepstakes and fantasy leagues)
      • Misleading language (e.g. using the word "free" in the advertisement to describe a contest or sweepstakes prize)
      • Unsubstantiated, false, or misleading claims
      • Any advertising content that violates applicable laws, rules or regulations
      • Any alcohol, prescription drugs, vitamins or dietary supplements (in areas of the ESPN Sites primarily trafficked by children 12 and under)
      • Graphic violence
      • Contraceptives
      • Death (funeral homes, mortuaries)
    2. Advertising creative content that may be considered inappropriate by ESPN and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis:
      • Involves a direct business competitor of an ESPN site
      • Unreasonable or highly unlikely product or service claims
      • Promotes a partnership with a movie competitive to Walt Disney Studios and Walt Disney Home Entertainment
      • Political Campaigns which present offensive or controversial issues, engage in personal attacks or are otherwise offensive or graphic are inappropriate. All political advertising must disclose the actual individual or group paying for the ad.
    3. The advertising creative content must be clearly identifiable as an advertisement and may not be disguised as editorial content, as determined by ESPN.
      • Advertisers must fulfill the advertised offer as stated in the advertisement, including without limitation, not altering any offer periods, product offers or prices that are stated in the advertisement.
    4. Where personal information is solicited on the Advertiser's landing page:
      • Any collection of personal information must be in full compliance with all privacy laws, including COPPA where applicable.
      • Advertiser must clearly explain to the guest how Advertiser will use the personal information collected.
      • Advertiser must provide all guests with an alternate user experience that doesn't require submitting personal information.
      • Advertiser will be required to include notification which remains on guest's screen for a minimum of 8 seconds while Advertiser's landing page is loading in the background. The interstitial must inform the guests that they are being sent to a site outside of ESPN. ESPN shall provide the interstitial unless Advertiser prefers to provide its own interstitial which has been approved by ESPN.
      • Advertiser must comply with all provisions of COPPA.
      • ESPN reserves the right to display notification messages, including but not limited to roll-over messaging, as it deems appropriate in order to disclose the commercial nature of an advertisement.
    5. Use of ESPN-branded assets require special consideration to preserve the integrity of ESPN-owned intellectual property. Creative that falls within this category must conform to standards set by ESPN management and shall be reviewed on a case-by-case basis
  • General

    In addition to these ESPN advertising guidelines and policies, the terms of the applicable insertion order, including the IAB Standard Terms And Conditions For Internet Advertising For Media Buys One Year or Less as amended by the ESPN IAB Addendum, and the ESPN Technical Specifications , apply to each order.