Finalist No. 2 : Cheli's Chili Bar (Detroit, MI)

Cheli's Chili Bar

47 E. Adams

Detroit, MI 48226

Nominated by: Eric Woodhouse

Eric's submission : The best sports bar in America is Cheli's Chili bar in Detorit. Chelis is tucked away in downtown detroit just outside the right field fence of comerica park. It has three levels of food, fun, and sun during those dog days of summer. Yes, Cheli's is owned by former NHL all star Chris Chelios. You can often catch him serving beers or bar backing on any given friday. He hosts many detroit athletes with the likes of steve yzerman, joel zumaya, and rip hamilton sharing a cold one with you. The place is packed during wings, lions, and tigers games.

The funniest story was on my 35th birthday. We just finished watching the tigers win a game against the twins. I had 20 people in my party and it was getting crazy. In walks in one half of the bruise brothers, joe kocur. He walks over for a few drinks for my birthday. He then announces that he was buying everyone in my party a shot. Chelios serves us up 21 shots as one of my childhood heroes raised his glass. The next morning I awoke with a splitting head ache. I checked my tab and noticed kocur put the entire round on my tab. I guess I caught a right cross from one of the most feared men in NHL history.

About the Bar (from official web site) : Owned by former Detroit Red Wings Defenseman and future Hall of Famer, Chris Chelios. We are located in the heart of downtown Detroit, just a slap shot away from Comerica Park. Cheli's Chili offers a taste of old Detroit, with great food and drinks. Experience your favorite sports event or Red Wings game on one of our 36 flat-screen TVs, or take the shuttle to Joe Louis Arena for a game. Cheli's Chili is the perfect place to enjoy live entertainment, and remember, You Never Know Who Might Show Up!