The Maine Event: LIVE From The Best Sports Bar In North America For MNF

11:38 PM: And, as always, thanks to everyone for following along tonight. You made a blowout highly entertaining. Want to do this again next week? I'll pencil you in. Goodnight Toronto!

11:36 PM: Huge thanks to everyone at Real Sports Bar and Grill tonight. I am most definitely coming back. And to anyone venturing to Toronto, you need to check this place out. It's definitely worthy of the 'Best Sports Bar in North America' distinction.

11:34 PM: Game over. Finally. Pats win it 4374374387 to 3. That's only a slight exaggeration.

11:30 PM: Luppy0315 asks what is on Rex Ryan's Christmas list this year besides a Big Mac. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say a new quarterback. (See: 27.8 QB rating)

11:27 PM: I'm not sure if I'm hearing the "overrated" chant from the TV or all the way from Foxboro. That message is loud and clear. (Once again, see: current score)

11:22 PM: Is Mark Sanchez colorblind? Apologies to my colorblind readers. That's insulting to compare you to this performance. But he keeps throwing to blue jerseys...

11:13 PM: Marcellus found the lone Jets fan remaining. Gave him a tee shirt. Just because he's a Jets fan. (See: current score). Picture of this heartwarming moment coming shortly on Twitter.

11:12 PM: Law Firm with a TD. No exclamation point needed. It's 45-3.

11:08 PM: I don't know about you but I can't wait for Rex Ryan's press conference tomorrow.

11:04 PM: Sanders with the pick! Sanchez seems to have studied too much Peyton film from the last few weeks.

10:59 PM: If I had a strawberry shortcake for every time I said the Pats scored a TD... I'd be throwing up in the bathroom right now. Hernandez with the one-yard catch. Pats take a 38-3 lead.

10:56 PM: Danny Woodhead gives hope to all short people. He's like the new Muggsy Bogues.

10:54 PM: Still holding out hope for a Don Cherry appearance tonight.

10:51 PM: Sanchez picked off by McCourty! Safe to say, NOTHING is going right for the Jets tonight.

10:45 PM: Wes Welker with the TD! It's 31-3. Wow. Wow. Wow. If this is the game of the year, I'm not feeling too good about the rest of this season.

10:40 PM: For those of you following along at the bar... first person to find Marcellus and tell him what year ESPN was founded gets a MNNF sweatshirt.

10:38 PM: My boss emailed me telling me to stop eating. Hope this doesn't come up in my annual review. I guess I will not be participating in the Hail Mary contest. Next time.

10:27 PM: A, ahem, friendly young woman just asked Marcellus if he was seven feet tall. It was awkward. Thankfully she won't remember the conversation in the morning.

10:25 PM: Second half is underway.

10:22 PM: Debating whether or not to try the Hail Mary challenge. It does not require me to throw a football. It does require me to eat a 67 ounce steak, a pound of fries and a pound of coleslaw. This will end well. If I stop blogging, I more than likely had a heart attack.

10:16 PM: I don't know what you're going to do during halftime but I am going to house a strawberry cheesescake. Courtesy of Chef Tony. Pictures on Twitter shortly...

10:13 PM: Halftime. Patriots 24, Jets 3.

10:06 PM: Props to Westyn83 for knowing Beldsoe played at Washington State. No, you cannot have a Leafs' wife. But you can have a water bottle. If you come to Toronto. Heck, we might even give you a tee shirt.

9:53 PM: Throughout the night, Marceullus Wiley is doing trivia contests, giveaways, etc. throughout the bar. We spotted a young main in a Drew Bledsoe so decided to ask him if he knew where Bledsoe played in college. He did not. But Marceullus gave him a water bottle nonetheless.

9:46 PM: Brandon Tate with the four-yard reception. Pats take a 24-3 lead.

9:45 PM: As it turns out, I've been sitting near the Leafs' wives. I guess the six blonde women sitting huddled off should have given that away. Suddenly feeling insecure.

9:42 PM: The Leafs win! The Leafs win! I will now return to football. I hope.

9:40 PM: Unfortunately for Woodhead, the Leafs are in a shootout so unless he can score a goal for Leafs, no one cares.

9:38 PM: I will now take this moment to reopen the previous 'Danny Woodhead nickname sweepstakes'. Your suggestions please.

9:35 PM: Nick Folk with a made FG! How about that? Jets are on the board.

9:28 PM: End of first quarter. Pats 17, Jets 0, Leafs 4.

9:26 PM: Watching the game with hockey commentary over the loudspeakers is sort of misleading. Wonder if the Jets would do better on skates. Wouldn't hurt Nick Folk.

9:21 PM: Branch TD. Crowd boos. Because the main TV has been changed to the Leafs game. Talk about timing. Pats with a 17-0 lead. And the Leafs are now tied with the Caps, 4-4. For the three of you that might care.

9:16 PM: A 13-yard punt. So that just happened.

9:09 PM: No doubt about it. This is a Pats bar. Hockey air horn going off for BJGE's TD. Current score: Pats, 10, Jets 0, D'Arcy 3 pounds gained.

9:02 PM: There's a surprise, Nick Folk with a missed FG. I think I would trust the Boise State kicker before Nick Folk.

8:59 pm; Note to TV: You may want to avoid showing Rex Ryan when a call doesn't go his way. Unless he too is Canadian, I don't think he is saying, "what the puck?".

8:48 PM: Shayne Graham with the 41-yard FG. Pats take the early 3-0 lead. I'll eat to to that. Although with this food, I'll eat to just about anything.

8:44 PM: Danny Woodhead has become a fan favorite north of the border too apparently. Huge cheers for that run.

8:39 PM: Game time!

8:37 PM: Main screen just switched over to MNF. Crowd cheered. We're told this is a first when hockey is currently on.

8:31 PM: In case anyone was wondering, Brett Favre's home-winning streak is not in Minnesota. No? No one was wondering that.

8:25 PM: Chef Tony Glitz has brought us so much incredible food, I am definitely gaining at least five pounds tonight. But for sliders like this, I'm okay with it.

8:20 PM: Have spent the last five minutes trying to figure out the Canadian translation for 'C'mon Man'. Leaning towards 'C'mon Eh?'.

8:16 PM: Already having a hard time focusing on writing this blog. The ADD I didn't even know I had doesn't do that well with 199 TV screens. Apologies in advance for my inevitable disappearances.

8:09 PM: Yes, for those wondering, MNF is shown in Canada just as you see it in the States. It's broadcast on TSN but everything else is the same. With the occasional curling commercial.

8:02 PM: Have to mention Josh McDaniels before this game starts. I think the NFL should consider changing 'vote of confidence' to 'you're getting fired next week'.

7:55 PM: We're sitting the VIP area typically reserved for Maple Leafs, Raptors or any visiting team players. A number of people have looked over hoping to see someone famous. They don't seem too thrilled when they see me. Weird.

7:49 PM: There are a number of Brady jerseys in the house. Not a Sanchez jersey to be found. Maybe it's the hair. Seems to be very pro-Patriots so far. I guess the NFL's plan to throw the Bills on Canada didn't work out so well...

7:46 PM: This bar is RIDICULOUS. There are 199 TV screens including a two-story high screen in the center of the bar. Of course it's currently on the Maple Leafs-Caps game but I'm assured it will change over for kickoff. If not, I guess I have 198 other places to watch.

7:43 PM: We'll be posting pictures and tidbits and anything else fun we can think of on the ESPN Mobile twitter account (@ESPN_MobileNews). And, as always, I would love to get your questions, comments, etc. throughout the evening. Leave them in the comments section above or on Twitter.

7:40 PM: So, yeah, I think this is going to be a good game tonight. Too bad it didn't get any hype this week.

7:30 PM: Greeings from Toronto. No, you didn't read that wrong. A little further north of Foxboro than you might have been expecting. I'm live tonight with Marcellus Wiley at the winner's of Mobile's North America's Best Sports Bar contest, Real Sports Bar and Grill at the Air Canada Centre. Please notice my Canadian spelling. When in Canada... I will also use this rationale while enjoying poutine shortly.