Eskin admits he lied; station to apologize

PHILADELPHIA -- Sports radio host Howard Eskin has been suspended for 30 days as part of the settlement of a lawsuit brought against him last year by an attorney for 76ers star Allen Iverson.

Eskin is a host on the sports-talk station WIP-AM. He had accused attorney Richard Sprague of tampering in 2002 when Iverson was facing charges in connection with a domestic dispute with his wife.

Iverson was accused of threatening two men with a gun, but all 14 charges were later dismissed or dropped.

Eskin claimed on the air that summer that Sprague paid a witness to lie in court and that Sprague spread a false rumor that another witness had failed a lie detector test.

In a written statement, Eskin admitted neither assertion was true. He said he'd known that no such lie detector test took place, but never said so on his show.

Eskin said he apologized for not correcting the record for more than two years, and for doing so only after Sprague sued him.

The station's owner, Infinity Broadcasting, said it will pay "substantial compensation" to Sprague. And WIP-AM broadcast an apology, which will air eight times over a four-day period.