Armstrong: 'I think we've all had enough'

LUNEVILLE, France -- Lance Armstrong was told of the bombings in London while riding in the sixth stage of the Tour de France.

"I learned on the fly, sort of in the race, from [deputy Tour director] Christian Prudhomme," Armstrong said Friday. "It didn't sink in until we finished and got back to the hotel, watching the news channels."

Armstrong is looking to win a seventh straight Tour de France and will retire from cycling after this year's race.

"Once again, free society is struck by needless and senseless terror," Armstrong said. "I think we've all had enough. It seems like the enemies are persistent, and obviously my heart goes out to all the people in Great Britain and the prime minister."

A day before Thursday's terror attacks, London was celebrating its victory in landing the 2012 Olympics.

"It's a great shame, especially the day after they were, I suppose, on such an emotional high," Armstrong said. "To be struck by that is a shame. We were all thinking about them here on the team and hope that they recover OK, that this stuff ultimately stops for all of us."