Trainer who claims ties to NFL players pleads guilty

SHERMAN, Texas -- A personal trainer who claims ties to
professional football players in Dallas and Atlanta pleaded guilty
Tuesday to conspiring to distribute thousands of units of anabolic

David Jacobs, of Plano, entered the plea as part of a deal with
prosecutors that remained under seal. Jacobs told Dallas-Fort Worth
television station KTVT late Monday that as part of the deal he
would tell federal investigators about professional athletes who
use steroids.

But no names came up during the brief hearing, and afterw
ard Jacobs was asked whether he was involved with any Cowboys.

"I can't disclose any of those names," said Jacobs, adding
that he has been instructed "not to make any more statements."
Prosecutors also declined to comment on the case Tuesday.

On the Web site for a supplements store owned by Jacobs, he
claims to have offered guidance to members of the Cowboys and
Falcons. Officials with both teams have said Jacobs never worked
for them.

As part of the deal, Jacobs agreed to plead guilty to one count
of conspiring to possess and distribute anabolic steroids. In
exchange, other charges against him would be dropped at sentencing.
A sentencing date hasn't been set.

During the hearing, the judge asked whether Jacobs agreed to
plead guilty to conspiring to distribute more than 40,000 units of
anabolic steroids and several thousand units of human growth hormone.
Jacobs said yes.

An indictment filed in May charges Jacobs and three others with
conspiring to possess and distribute anabolic steroids. Jacobs also
had faced a charge of unlawful use of a controlled substance while
in possession of a firearm.

Two of the defendants, Matthew Williams and Amber Jarrell, have
already pleaded guilty to conspiracy to possess with intent to
distribute anabolic steroids.

Prosecutors are also seeking the forfeiture of two cars, about
$25,000 in cash, computer equipment, four semiautomatic weapons, a
rifle and a shotgun from the four defendants.

Jacobs was released on bond Tuesday and left with his lawyer.