Alleged OJ victim Beardsley arrested for parole violation

LAS VEGAS -- An alleged victim in the O.J. Simpson armed robbery case has been arrested on a parole violation after a witness in the case accused him of harassment.

Alfred Beardsley's lawyer says Beardsley was taken into custody by California parole officials in Santa Ana, Calif., after collectibles broker Thomas Riccio filed a Los Angeles police complaint accusing Beardsley of "criminal threats."

Lawyer Jack Neil Swickard denies any wrongdoing by Beardsley, but says he was told Beardsley will be jailed for at least a week, depending on the results of the parole investigation.

The parole arrest is the second in recent months for Beardsley, 47, of Burbank, Calif. He was jailed in September for violating parole by traveling to Las Vegas for his ill-fated attempt to peddle Simpson memorabilia on Sept. 13.

He was paroled from prison in March 2006 after a felony conviction in 2003 for stalking a woman in Riverside County, Calif.