Backup plan: Ben Gordon

Ben Gordon, trying to fake out mannequins. Eric McNatt

To see a video of Ben Gordon at Barneys New York, please go here.

This article appeared as part of a package in the June 29 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

Spending a day with Simon Doonan gave me an idea of what I could expect in the fashion world. We supervised the displays inside and outside the store, then Simon gave me pointers on how to suit a mannequin: Roll the lapel to the second button of the suit. I'd tell that to my teammates, but they wear 12-button suits, so it doesn't matter. Only John Salmons and I know how to dress. I got fashion tips for my mom and sister, though. They'd like the craftsmanship on the Alaïa dresses; for everyday wear, I'll tell them boyfriend jeans are in. During the afternoon, we whittled the guest list and planned the seating arrangement for a party. Then we wrapped up the day with a meeting about Christmas displays -- in June! The concept has to be done in September.

The Review

"Ben has a good eye and an attention to detail, so I'm sure he could make the transition. Just tell him to quit trying to steal my job."

-- Simon Doonan, the actual creative director of Barneys New York