Ultimate Standings 2009: No. 91

Last Year's Rank: 57
Title Track: 101
Ownership: 103
Coaching: 116
Players: 82
Fan Relations: 117
Affordability: 7
Stadium Experience: 102
Bang for the Buck: 44

A Bills home game in Toronto! What's more sacrilegious than that? Try a December home game played in Toronto's balmy 72-degree dome. Owner Ralph Wilson has assured fans the Bills won't be moving until buffalo fly, but the words of a 90-year-old aren't reassuring, especially with six more games slated up north in the next four years. The curious case of Dick Jauron provides a similar example of suit indifference to fan suffering. Even though he was derided by fans for poor game management and exhibits all the animation of a mannequin, Jauron was re-signed before New Year's. On the plus side, fans have their wallets wrenched less than their hearts. The cost of a full price seat in Buffalo pays for just two-fifths of a Pats chair. But still, the Bills in a dome!!! "If you're a seasoned veteran at the Ralph, you put on 40 layers, step out into the elements, and if you're at a good party with good food and people, you feel pretty indomitable," says Brian Galliford of Buffalo ­Rumblings. "Cold weather defines our city and our football team. We wear the weather proudly on our outermost sleeve when the Bills play games in the winter … oh and the beer stays cold." Hmmm, 72-degree beer -- sounds awesome!