Tour de France tops ESPN.com searches in July

Top Search of the Month: Tour de France

Last year, the Tour de France ranked only as July's seventh most searched term. Not surprisingly, the search numbers for the Tour de France increased significantly this year, as Lance Armstrong returned to pro cycling's most popular race after a four-year absence. Additionally, reminiscent of Kobe and Shaq circa 2002, the chippy exchanges between Armstrong and his Astana teammate, Tour de France winner Alberto Contador, kept users searching for more info days after the race was over. All in all, the combined drama of Armstrong's return; his post-race pleasantries with Contador; and, of course, the race itself helped searches for 2009's Tour de France top all others in July.

Quick Hits

  • No. 7 Home Run Derby: The Midsummer Classic's annual power display didn't disappoint, as it featured an intense tiebreaker and introduced everyone not a Texas Rangers fan or fantasy baseball player to Nelson Cruz.

  • No. 9 Michael Vick: Roger Goodell's decision to allow Vick's conditional reinstatement to the NFL was only a precursor to the interest surrounding which team might end up signing the former Pro Bowl quarterback.

  • No. 21 Steve McNair: The beloved quarterback's death over the Fourth of July weekend prompted a massive number of searches from shocked fans following all the events leading up to the tragedy and heartfelt condolences from fellow athletes.

  • No. 24 UFC 100: Searches soared for the UFC event as it not only reached the century mark but also featured a new heavyweight champion in former wrestler/NFL player Brock Lesnar.

Surprise Search of the Month: Jordan Crawford

Though many concluded that Jordan Crawford's infamous dunk over LeBron James was ultimately underwhelming, there's no denying the role that supply and demand played in all the hype surrounding it. Nike unknowingly ensured there would be plenty of demand for the video of it after confiscating the tapes (which TMZ and target="_new">eBaum Nation took full advantage of … albeit at the expense of a few thousand dollars). However, it was Xavier's little-known redshirt sophomore guard who reaped all the benefits, as he became the most talked-about athlete this side of Brett Favre during July. After receiving only 19 searches in June, Crawford garnered more than 3,600 searches in July (an increase of more than 19,000 percent).

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