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30. With 200 hits in each of his nine MLB seasons, the Mariners' Ichiro Suzuki erased a 108-year record. In Japanese, what does "Ichiro" mean?

A. The One
B. The one with quick hands
C. Cheerful
D. More cheerful in winter

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C -- Cheerful

31. Their first playoff faceoff lived up to the hype when Sidney Crosby's Pens ousted Alex Ovechkin's Caps in the East semis. Which guy once had his uni stolen by a baggage handler?

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Crosby. His red Team Canada jersey went missing from the Montreal airport in 2005 but was later recovered.

32. Phil Mickelson skipped six weeks of golf after his wife and mother were both found to have breast cancer. Which Tour friend wore pink pants at the BMW PGA Championship in support?

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John Daly

33. In March, Browns wideout Donte' Stallworth struck and killed a Miami pedestrian while driving drunk. He spent 24 days in jail, was suspended for 2009 and forfeited his salary. T or F: The night before the incident, he received a $4.5M bonus.

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34. The NCAA vacated Memphis' 2008 Final Four because of improprieties involving Derrick Rose. Also lost:

A. Final Four winnings ($615K)
B. Final Four banners
C. That year's 38 wins
D. All of the above

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D -- All of the above

35. The Celtics beat the Bulls in a seven-game Eastern Conference playoff series that featured four overtime games and seven total OTs. What's the NBA record for postseason OT periods?

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Trick question! Those seven overtime periods are the record.

36. During a U.S. Open loss to Kim Clijsters, Serena Williams lost it over a key foot fault. The rant cost her $10,000. What earlier infraction cost her $500?

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Racket abuse, for throwing it to the ground

37. After three years, Lance Armstrong returned to the Tour de France and finished third. Hard to believe he didn't win, but who did?

A. Alberto Contador
B. Cadel Evans
C. Andy Schleck
D. Bardley Wiggins

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A -- Teammate Alberto Contador won.

38. Rachel Alexandra was the first filly to win the Preakness since Nellie Morse. Who was president then?

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Calvin Coolidge, in 1924

39. Juan Martin del Potro downed stars Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer on his way to the U.S. Open title. How many others have beaten Rafa and Roger in the same Slam?

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None. But Novak Djokovic did beat them both when he won the 2007 Rogers Cup in Montreal.

40. Oklahoma's Blake Griffin ruled college hoops last season before the Clippers picked him No. 1. He could have been NBA ROY, too -- until he injured his knee doing what?

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Griffin hurt his knee dunking in the Clippers' final preseason game

41. The Magic upset the Cavs, derailing a dream LeBron-Kobe Finals. Until then, LBJ & Co. had ...

A. won eight straight.
B. taken each playoff win by at least 20 points.
C. worn the same unwashed uniforms to each game.
D. booked a Cav Ave. parade.

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A -- won eight straight

42. In February, freestyle moto-Xer Jeremy Lusk died trying a Hart Attack backflip. How many X Games medals did the 24-year-old have at his death?

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Lusk won a total of three medals: two gold, one silver.

43. On Oct. 13, U.S. striker Charlie Davies sustained serious injuries in a car accident. How many goals had Davies netted in Cup qualifying?

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Davies scored four goals in 17 games. Doctors say his recovery could take as long as a year.

44. In February, a fishing boat overturned in Florida, killing two NFLers. What was the main cause of the accident?

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Improper anchoring

45. In Michael Jordan's combative Hall of Fame acceptance speech, who did he not target?

A. Jerry Krause
B. Bryon Russell
C. Bill Wennington
D. Isiah Thomas

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C -- Bill Wennington

46. In July, NASCAR suspended Jeremy Mayfield for a second substance-abuse violation. T or F: The test said meth; the driver said Benadryl.

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False. Mayfield claimed Claritin-D and Adderall, not Benadryl, skewed the test.

47. In March, the NCAA took away 14 wins from Bobby Bowden for academic improprieties at Florida State. Before the ruling, by how many victories did Bowden trail all-time leader Joe Paterno?

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One. Paterno entered the year with 383 wins to Bowden's 382.

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