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This story appears in the Dec. 14 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

3. The Yankees committed $423.5M last winter for CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira and A.J. Burnett, and it paid off with a 27th World Series title. That kind of money can go a long way. For instance, with that sum, what percentage of the Big Apple's 8.4 million residents could buy an average ticket to a game at the new Yankee Stadium?

A. 69 percent
B. 9 percent
C. 39 percent
D. 89 percent

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A -- Tickets average $72.97, so $423 million could buy 5.8 million of them -- enough for 69.4 percent of New Yorkers.

4. Baseball players Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramírez and David Ortiz were revealed to have tested positive for PEDs in 2003. That, of course, was a different time. Which of those MLB sluggers has hit the most homers in the six seasons since the failed tests?

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A-Rod (238 HRs)

5. Retired NFL QB Steve McNair was murdered on July 4 by his mistress. To honor the former league MVP, the Titans wore stickers bearing his number. And that number is ... ?

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McNair wore No. 9.

6. Kobe Bryant and the Lakers defeated the Magic in the NBA Finals to snag the team's first post-Shaq ring. Which of the following players was not part of June's championship team?

A. Andrew Bynum
B. Jordan Farmar
C. Vladimir Radmanovic
D. Adam Morrison

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C -- Vladimir Radmanovic

7. A win at Wimbledon gave Roger Federer a record-breaking 15 Slam titles. For which Adam Sandler movie is the wife of the previous record-holder famous?

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Bridgette Wilson, Pete Sampras' lovely spouse, played Veronica Vaughn in "Billy Madison."

8. Jimmie Johnson won an unprecedented fourth straight Sprint Cup championship with crew chief Chad Knaus. How many NASCAR Cup races have they won together?

A. 7
B. 47
C. 77
D. 107

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B -- 47

9. The Florida Gators nabbed a second BCS championship in January and are boring in on a third title. T or F: If they're No. 1 for a third season, they'll be equaling the number of years they were once ineligible for a bowl berth due to NCAA probation.

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True. While NCAA violations (under two different coaches) and ensuing probation made the Gators ineligible for postseason play in 1984, 1985, 1986 and 1990, the NCAA later voted to rescind the 1986 probation.

10. UConn's women's hoops team went 39-0 in 2008-09. Besides the Huskies, who also did it two other times (1994-95, 2001-02), how many D1 women's hoops teams have achieved perfection?

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Two: Texas (1986) and Tennessee (1998)

11. The Penguins iced the Red Wings in seven to win the Stanley Cup, making 21-year-old Sidney Crosby the youngest captain to win it all. Who used to be the most precocious Cup­hoisting C?

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Wayne Gretzky was 23 when the Oilers won the Cup in 1984.

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