First and ten questions


1. Just 10 days after the Spurs defeated the Heat by 30 points, Miami returned the favor beating San Antonio by 30 points last night. That is back to back 30-point wins for the Heat over two playoff teams in the West in the Grizzlies and Spurs. Who is the real Heat team?

2. After spraining his left ankle on Saturday night against the Mavericks, Kobe was back on the court last night playing 31 minutes in the Lakers 97-84. Did Phil Jackson make a mistake in playing Kobe Bryant last night?

3. According to bodog.net, UCONN is the 5th choice to win it all behind the four No. 1 seeds. Should they be?


4. In the Fab 5 documentary that aired on Sunday night, Jalen you said that Duke didn't recruit black players like you only those who you considered "Uncle Toms." Since then there has been a lot of buzz about your comments. Do you feel Duke is doing the same thing 20 years later?


5. The Spurs were beaten by the Heat on Monday night, 110-80. On a scale of 1-10 how concerned are you with the Spurs?

6. The Celtics lost to the Nets on Monday night and moved into a tie for first place in the Eastern Conference with the Bulls. On a scale of 1-10, how concerned are you with the Celtics?

7. According to Adam Shefter, the NFLPA is giving each of the 17 prospects who were supposed to attend the NFL draft the choice to attend or not to attend the draft. It's not preventing anyone from going to the draft, simply stating that each player should consider not going. They're telling prospects that they will provide the "same experience down the street," in the words of one source. If you were a player, what would you do?


8. The 1st round of the NCAA tournament begins tonight with 2 games, 1 of those games is a matchup of 2 of the last 4 teams into the tournament Clemson against UAB. When it comes to changes made by the NCAA, do you like it, love it or hate it?

9. Pick a team higher than a No. 4 seed that has the best chance to make the Final Four?