First and ten questions


1. LeBron James responded yesterday to criticism over remarks he made about his critics after Game 6. Do you accept his explanation?

2. Has LeBron forever tainted his legacy as an all time great with his performance in the finals?

3. Alex Rodriguez would like people to take it easy on LeBron James saying, "Winning a championship is not an easy thing to do regardless of talent." People are starting to compare Lebron's quest for a title to A-Rod, is that a fair comparison?


4. Terrelle Pryor ended his silence on Tuesday and he addressed his former coach. Did Pryor owe Tressel an apology?


5. Drew Rosenhaus had this to say about Pryor, "I am not sure the NFL has ever had an athlete like this at the quarterback position."
Do you buy what Rosenhaus is selling?

6. On Tuesday Rick Carlisle joined Mike and Mike and said, "There are 11 players in NBA history that have been 10-time all stars, league MVP and finals MVP and the 11th now is Dirk Nowitzki..."
After this postseason if you were to rank best current players in the NBA right now, where would Dirk rank in your top 5?

7. Can Dirk be a star off the court in America?


8. There has been speculation about the security of Erik Spoelstra's job, team president Pat Riley spent about 3 hours in his office on Monday with Riley sharing how he recovered from his toughest losses. What will it take for Riley to realize he made a mistake with Spoelstra?

9. The three-time NFL Most Valuable Player hosted the "Brett Favre
7 on 7 at The Rock" football camp on the campus of Southern Miss,
his alma mater, on Tuesday. He said he's definitely done playing. What is you reaction?

10. Mark Cuban spent $110,000 with a $20,000 t ip on a bar tap at Club Liv on South Beach. What is the more surprising appearance at the Mavericks party on South Beach, Heat season ticket holder Lil Wayne or current heat player Erik Dampier.