No. 73: Philadelphia Eagles

Last year's rank: 51
Title track: 78
Ownership: 54
Coaching: 64
Players: 71
Fan relations: 78
Affordability: 85
Stadium experience: 64
Bang for the buck: 52

Who can blame Eagles fans for feeling cheated by an 8-8 season? Philadelphia had five prime-time games on its schedule, 11 of our 12 NFL experts chose the Eagles to win the NFC East, and heck, we even devoted an entire issue to Michael Vick! Despite procuring a smorgasbord of Pro Bowl talent to go with the franchise's most explosive scoring offense ever, the Eagles set themselves up for an all-or-nothing season. And ... well, let's just say Andy Reid's showing up to a Halloween news conference in a Jason mask conjures up the right image. Turns out it's not always easy being paper champions: There was Vick claiming no love from the officials, DeSean Jackson's contract turmoil and Asante Samuel feeling like the odd man out. The franchise had almost as many controversies as turnovers (38); as Justin Tuck put it, "You can't buy championships." Fan anger boiled over during a Week 12 loss when the home crowd erupted in "Fire, Andy" chants, to which Reid later responded: "The way we played, I can understand." (Friendly reminder: This coach has missed the playoffs only four times in 13 years). This offseason it's now the Linc's turn to start an Extreme Makeover -- a $60-100 million face-lift that could include new field-level suites, improved HD video technology and even a brewpub. The changes look good on paper, but at this point it's going to take a lot more than aesthetics to make fans feel like they're not getting taken for a ride.