No. 99: Seattle Mariners

Last year's rank: 108
Title track: 114
Ownership: 101
Coaching: 96
Players: 107
Fan relations: 98
Affordability: 95
Stadium experience: 31
Bang for the buck: 92

Well, at least the Seattle Mariners have a nice stadium. Because there's not much else to get excited about in Seattle. Franchise icon Ichiro is now a Yankee, and the buzz from Felix Hernandez's perfect game has worn off. Plus, the Mariners are on pace to finish last in the AL West for the seventh time in the past nine seasons. No wonder the response from M's fans was underwhelming -- as in, 41 percent below the league average -- when we asked whether Seattle demonstrates a commitment to winning. And that's why, even with reasonable season tickets (5 percent below the MLB average) and cheap concessions prices ($3.50 hot dogs, $2.50 sodas), the Mariners sit in the bottom third of our bang-for-the-buck ratings. It'll likely take a reversion to the M's form in the early 2000s -- when they won nearly 400 games in four seasons and had two ALCS appearances -- to fix that.