No. 2: Green Bay Packers

Last year's rank: 1
Title track: 2
Ownership: 3
Coaching: 9
Players: 4
Fan relations: 3
Affordability: 15
Stadium experience: 1
Bang for the buck: 6

How did the Packers become our NFL team of the decade? It helps to play in a shrine. In 10 years of doing the standings, Lambeau Field has never ranked below fourth in the stadium-experience category. It also helps to have below-market ticket prices (2 percent less than the league average) and, perhaps more important to Wisconsinites, cheap beer (only $5.25). And yeah, it helps to have passionate owners -- 112,158 of them as of 2011. The Packers are, of course, the only NFL team owned by fans. And when the franchise held another stock offering last December, Green Bay sold more than 185,000 shares in the first two days and more than 268,000 shares total -- at $250 a piece. That's $67 million. Without even trying. No wonder Packers fans ranked their ownership -- er, themselves -- in the top 10 nine times in the last decade.