No. 22: New England Patriots

Last year's rank: 38
Title track: 16
Ownership: 14
Coaching: 2
Players: 8
Fan relations: 10
Affordability: 90
Stadium experience: 40
Bang for the buck: 29

It's almost an insult to call Bill Belichick the second-best coach in sports. He's led the Pats to nine consecutive double-digit-win seasons. Nine! Only two NFL head coaches have even held on to their current jobs for that long (Andy Reid, 14 years; Marvin Lewis, 10 years), and he's the only coach to sustain that much consistent success since the season expanded to 16 games in 1978. At this point, Belichick's tattered hoodies are more famous than some of his colleagues. But here's the amazing thing: In the 10 years we've been doing the standings, the Patriots players have ranked outside the top eight only three times. Brady, Gronk and the gang are quite the attraction, as evidenced by the Pats' $118 average ticket -- third highest in sports and 52 percent above the league average. But as long as the double-digit-win seasons continue, no one is really going to start complaining.