No. 84: Phoenix Suns

Last year's rank: 80
Title track: 107
Ownership: 102
Coaching: 69
Players: 60
Fan relations: 62
Affordability: 83
Stadium experience: 90
Bang for the buck: 86

With Steve Nash now a member of the Lakers, the Phoenix Suns are clearly an organization at a crossroads. But given the Suns' rankings in our poll this year, it seems the fans have been questioning the direction of the team well before its decision to deal the most popular Sun since Charles Barkley. Most of the discontent centers around owner Robert Sarver. He has long been viewed as a cheapskate who puts dollars ahead of winning, and two playoffs missed since 2010's surprise run to the Western Conference finals has done him no favors. According to Michael Schwartz of ValleyoftheSuns.com: "Sarver is actually one of the hottest topics in the comments section ... No matter the subject my readers often bring it back to him, and there's constant fighting between the Sarver supporters and the Sarver bashers. The fans who don't like him, REALLY don't like him."

What they also really don't like? Shelling out for the most expensive ticket ($60.63) of any non-playoff NBA team. In fact, no team in the entire league charged more money to watch fewer wins (33) than the Suns. The bang for the buck factor was already dropping even with the inherent entertainment value of Nash. Good luck trying to spin those prices moving forward.