No. 118: Washington Wizards

Last year's rank: 110
Title track: 116
Ownership: 90
Coaching: 116
Players: 119
Fan relations: 122
Affordability: 73
Stadium experience: 101
Bang for the buck: 90

Ernie Grunfeld didn't invent the revolving door (Theophilus Van Kannel did, in 1888), but he sure does seem to have perfected it. Thanks to the trigger-happy GM, the only current player who has been with the Wizards for more than two years is Cartier Martin, and he hasn't played a full season yet. Given that DC is the third most transient place in the country (only Florida and Nevada have a lower percentage of natives than the District's 37.3 percent), you'd think that the ever-changing roster might not bother Washington fans, but it does, as evidenced by the player ranking of 109 they hung on their team. The constant flux also explains why the Wiz ranked dead last in fan relations: Starting center JaVale McGee read to students at Marie Reed Learning Center on March 2, but less than two weeks later, he was traded to Denver. On March 8, Nick Young, Rashard Lewis and Andray Blatche helped out at a Special Olympics event, but by July, all three were no longer in Washington. If only the capital's coaching carousel turned as quickly: As unhappy as Wiz fans were with Flip Saunders, they're just as displeased, if not more so, with replacement Randy Wittman (coaching: 116), whose .331 winning percentage is the lowest in NBA history (minimum 350 games). Judging by the 116 fans dished out for title track, it's clear they think their team will continue to be the revolving doormat of the East.