No. 91: Winnipeg Jets

Last year's rank: 115
Title track: 81
Ownership: 34
Coaching: 57
Players: 77
Fan relations: 72
Affordability: 99
Stadium experience: 87
Bang for the buck: 116

At least the fans in Winnipeg have a team to rank. The Jets -- formerly the Atlanta Thrashers -- gave Manitoba an NHL franchise for the first time since 1996. Ownership decided to take advantage of a desperate fan base by setting an average ticket price of $98.27. Only the Maple Leafs (the worst franchise in sports according to this year's rankings) charge its fans more to see a game. Alas, the fans didn't get to see a playoff team. They didn't even get to see one All-Star. With a limited roster and the added challenge of playing in the Eastern Conference, thousands of miles away from its Southeast Division competitors, it will be a challenge for the Jets to become a contender any time soon. Not surprisingly, the Jets scored their highest rank in the ownership category, coming in at 34. The Jets owners, True North Sports & Entertainment, are well regarded if for no other reason than putting the team in Winnipeg. But considering this team is ranked this low overall while its fans are still thrilled about its mere existence, it could enter dangerously low territory once the honeymoon stage ends.