Yani Tseng captures the No. 1 spot

Taiwanese golf standout Yani Tseng did her best Rory McIlroy impression this past weekend, blowing the field away by 10 strokes to take the LPGA Championship in Rochester, her fourth major championship in just four seasons on tour. Her powerful drive barely edged another international performer in this week's rankings -- Mexico's Giovani Dos Santos.

Dos Santos' chip tantalizingly floated over the heads of the American backline to seal Mexico's dramatic comeback victory against the U.S. in the CONCACAF Gold Cup final. Sure, Chicharito was the MVP of the tournament, but Dos Santos stole the show in this week's rankings.

It's been a while since we've had so many athletes outside of the major pro sports in our list, so what do you think? Did someone deserve the No. 1 spot over the ESPYS-nominated Tseng? Sound off in the comments section below!

Our all-star panel: John Buccigross, Robert Flores, DJ Gallo, Dana Jacobson, Jim Basquil, Kevin Connors, Will Selva, Jeff MacGregor and Trey Wingo.

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