Ray Allen shoots his way to the top

Note: This list includes all action for the week ending Sunday, May 16. Therefore, events on Monday are not reflected in these rankings.

Think about our task at hand for a second. (And we mean really think about it.) How do you weigh players across many different sports?

Do you immediately rate NBA and NHL players in the thick of their postseasons higher than, say, regular-season MLB players? Or would a transcendent performance (no matter how small the stage) trump a playoff player?

Where would you place soccer players in the Spanish La Liga season finale? Higher than the winning jockey of the Preakness … or NASCAR's Dover race champion … or the victor of a tennis tournament like the Madrid Masters? And does your opinion change if we tell you one of the winners is Rafa Nadal … and it's his 18th Madrid Masters title?

Those are the questions our panel had to face this week. Their answer is below.

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All-Star ESPN panel: John Buccigross, Josh Elliott, Robert Flores, DJ Gallo, Jemele Hill, Dana Jacobson, Brian Kenny, Jeff MacGregor, Bram Weinstein and Trey Wingo.

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2010-11 Power Rankings: Week 4

Last five out: Martin Garcia, Jonathan Toews, Amare Stoudemire, Jason Kubel, Andre Ethier

Newcomers: Ray Allen (No. 1), Antti Niemi (No. 2), Michael Leighton (No. 3)

Notable dropouts: Dallas Braden (No. 1), Sidney Crosby (No. 8), Joe Pavelski (No. 13)