System Requirements


ESPN.com's sections are listed in the black column on the left side of our main pages. Links to sports and their scoreboards are listed first, followed by links to features like Live Radio/TV and Community. This list gives users an overview of what's available on ESPN.com, as well as an easy way to get there. If you're looking for a specific piece of information on ESPN.com, the Site Map may be the quickest way to find it. It's an alphabetical listing of all the sections, sports and general features offered on ESPN.com.


There are a number of things that you can do to optimize the look of ESPN.com on your computer. We recommend browsing with Netscape 4.0+ or Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+. We've designed our pages to take advantage of the latest browser features, including style sheets, Java and ActiveX.

If you're not using Netscape or Internet Explorer, you will get the second best view of ESPN.com by using a browser that supports the following:

  • Tables

  • Forms

  • Java

  • External viewers

ESPN.com pages look best in a window that is at least 640 pixels wide and 480 pixels tall. If your screen resolution is 640x480, you'll have to maximize your browser to see ESPN.com properly. Viewing our pages in a smaller window may distort the layout.


ESPN.com news stories and features often include multimedia. Most of our photos, audio files and videos are free to all users, but your browser and computer must be configured properly before you can enjoy them.

If you're using Netscape, you can opt to show pictures and play sounds and videos in the Preferences window.
Select "Options" from the menu bar and click on "General Preferences..."

If you're using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can opt to show pictures and play sounds and videos in the Options window.
Select "View" from the menu bar and click on "Options..."

In addition to telling your browser that you'd like to see and hear multimedia files, you have to tell it which applications to use. Photos don't require an external viewer, but audio and video files do.

For more information, please visit the Tools page.