by Jonah Keri

Also Receiving Votes

  • Action Jackson: This cult classic hits the small screen, with Jackson starring as a talented but unbalanced vigilante basketball player who lets his gun do the talking
  • Five Days: Following the success of Morgan Spurlock's weekly documentary show "30 Days," Chris and Derrek see what it's like to be a couch potato for 120 hours
  • Without Breasts There Is No Paradise: Planned NBC show originally slated to focus on the life of a 17-year-old call girl who's insecure about her body will instead examine professional athletes' love of strip clubs


  • Odds on what would happen if the rumored 5-for-1, Kevin Garnett-to-Celtics deal went down:
  • 8 to 1 T-Wolves' illegal contract extension offer to Al Jefferson results in 20 forfeited draft picks
  • 4 to 1 KG discovers Dunkin' Donuts' Maple Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich, reports to training camp 40 pounds overweight
  • 2 to 1 2007-08 Celtics starting lineup: Garnett, Pierce, Robey, Sichting, Lohaus

Not In This Issue

  • Kenny Rogers slated for Friday return, as pine-tar-on-toast rehab diet pays off
  • Scott Niedermayer contemplating retirement, giant, gray beard wants to play 10 more years
  • Chone Figgins goes 6-for-6; fantasy owners who dropped him last month warned to stay away from sharp objects
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  • Sports-Themed TV Shows For The Slow Summer Months
  • 1 The Peter Principle

    A hilarious sitcom about a cranky old baseball owner who hires bumbling GMs to run his team, watches them field terrible rosters every year, then takes out his frustration on poor, hapless managers. Features a weekly over-the-fence chat with Peter's wacky neighbor George, who fills his house with expensive toys he doesn't need, then mocks Peter behind his back.

  • 2 Girl Meets World

    A family-themed show that details a young girl's experiences from cradle to college, growing up with a supermodel mom and the most famous new dad in the world. Don't miss cameo appearances by chain-smoking Uncle Ducky, who always beats Dad at cards.

  • 3 The OC: The College Years

    One of TV's most popular shows returns -- with the kids now grown up, going to college in Irvine and Fullerton and playing baseball. A special five-hour, 40-minute season finale features Seth's Anteaters knocking off Ryan's Titans to advance in the College World Series. Summer gets the last laugh, though, as she runs off with that new guy from Rice.

  • 4 Pac-Man (Live Action Version)

    Following the lead of video game-themed live action films, this show brings one of the most beloved arcade characters to life. Pac-Man tries to make it as a weatherman in the big city, only to face a crisis every week when Q*bert, Frogger and other members of his entourage get into trouble. You won't want to miss the superpowers episode, in which the mild-mannered meteorologist acquires the ability to make it rain.

  • 5 Spencer: For Hire

    The remake of this 1980s hit features a 7-foot teenager who leaves his career as a private investigator for a shot at the NBA. Watch as a different NBA star dunks on Spencer's head every week. Our hero finally returns to the P.I. business for good by Season 4.

  • 6 It's Occasionally Sunny In Philadelphia

    This spin-off of FX's quirky hit show follows a down-on-its-luck hockey team as it tries to rebound from having the worst record in the NHL. The two main characters, Kimmo and Scott, learn life lessons the hard way -- getting booed every night in the City of Brotherly Love while trying to earn their huge salaries. Episodes blacked out in most markets.

Tuesday June 19

  • 1 College World Series, Louisville vs. North Carolina: 2 pm, ESPN2

    After squeaking into the NCAA regionals, the Cardinals try to keep their Cinderella run going against North Carolina. UNC will try to bounce back after getting blown out 14-4 by Rice. Look for the revenge-minded Tar Heels to be madder than they've been since the famous Krzyzewski mooning incident.

  • 2 American Gladiators: 7 pm, ESPN Classic

    Any show that features jousting with giant Q-tips is going to deliver the goods on a nightly basis. But frankly, Gladiators isn't the same unless Malibu's involved. Like, totally.

  • 3 Giants at Brewers: 8 pm, MLB Extra Innings

    This game has something for everyone, with a great pitchers' duel between Tim Lincecum and Ben Sheets, and a battle of sluggers featuring Barry Bonds and Prince Fielder. But there's only one rivalry that really matters in this matchup: garlic fries vs. cheese fries.