We love the NBA playoffs. And as excited as we are about watching LeBron, Dwyane, Kobe and Dirk go at it this year, we dreamed of something even bigger: the ultimate NBA playoffs.

We created 10-player all-time greatest rosters for 16 NBA teams. We imagined a starting five of Cousy, Pierce, Havlicek, Bird and Russell for the Celtics. A front line of Dr. J, Barkley and Wilt for the Sixers. A backcourt of Stockton and Maravich for the Jazz.

The only rule: a player could appear on only one roster. So we put Kareem on the Lakers, not the Bucks. Barkley went to the Sixers instead of the Suns. We also identified one specific year for the player: the Lakers don't get "Magic Johnson," they get "Magic Johnson 1987," when he averaged 23.9 points, 12.2 assists and won the MVP.

In the end, the Lakers edged out the Bulls in the final fan voting ... by barely 1 percent!