Hey, Alex and Troy Smith made NFL history!

Wed, Dec 22

There are odd combinations -- Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts: how did that happen? -- and there are against-the-odds combinations, like 49ers' quarterbacks Alex Smith and Troy Smith.

Alex Smith and Troy Smith
Christian Petersen/Getty ImagesAlex Smith and Troy Smith are the first quarterbacks named Smith to share an NFL roster.

Having two QBs named Smith on the same NFL team doesn't seem as if it would be that far-fetched, considering Smith is the most common last name in the U.S. (about 2.5 million). However, it's never happened before (which seems as strangely improbable as Julia saying "I do" to Lyle).

In the history of the NFL, there have been 275 Smiths -- from Bubba to Vitamin T. -- yet only six have been listed as QBs. And of those six, four are active now: Alex, Troy, Brad and Rusty, with two on the same team. So, it appears the Smiths have suddenly learned how to throw a spiral.

Mr. and Mr. Smith don't rank as the only same-named QBs on the same NFL team, however. The Bengals already had Carson Palmer and Jordan Palmer (2008-10) and Tampa Bay had Brad Johnson and Rob Johnson in 2002.

Among the Smiths, Johnsons and Palmers, only Johnson & Johnson were super: Brad and Rob won a Vince Lombardi Trophy with the Bucs.