James Jones, John Salley discuss going vegetarian

Thu, Feb 24
James JonesKevork Djansezian/Getty ImagesJames Jones, who won this year's All-Star 3-point competition, became a vegetarian in 2007.

When James Jones goes on the road, he racks up a huge food bill.

But not for the reasons you're thinking.

"Room service is tough. The side dishes are the most overpriced thing on the menu," said Jones. "I'm ordering five side dishes of steamed broccoli, five dishes of steamed asparagus, and a bowl of brown rice. My bill for that right there might be $70, but that's the trade-off it you want to eat right on the road."

That is, if you're a vegetarian. Jones, a reserve small forward with the Miami Heat who won the three-point competition during this year's NBA All-Star weekend, described himself as a "very heavy meat-eater" before becoming a vegetarian in 2007. His go-to meal in the old days? Macaroni and cheese with barbequed chicken.

James said that becoming a vegetarian opened him up to lots of new grains, rices and oatmeal. And though it has closed him off to meat, he's not beyond knowing that everyone else loves a good meal piled high with animal protein.

So that's exactly what he made when he was a celebrity chef on Gordon Ramsay's FOX reality TV show, "Kitchen Nightmares" last summer.

Along with members of the Miami Dolphins and Florida Panthers, James was faced with making the perfect pizza in three minutes. So what did Jones pile on?

Well, meat of course.

"But you see, I didn't eat the pizza. I'm the weird guy. I only eat pizza with straight sauce," said Jones, who became a vegetarian during the 2007 NBA Playoffs when he was busy knocking down three-pointers for the Phoenix Suns.

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