12 things that would surprise me

Sun, Nov 15

• I'd be surprised if … DeMarcus Ware and the Cowboys don't make it official: The Packers are the most disappointing team of 2009.

• I'd be surprised if … after facing the Bills' run defense, Chris Johnson doesn't start getting attention for a run at 2,000 yards.

• I'd be surprised if … a quarterback has had a more dangerous and destructive case of overconfidence than Jay Cutler.

• I'd be surprised if … Mike Smith isn't the last guy in this part of the country to realize it's easier to drive (or bus) from Atlanta to Charlotte than it is to fly.

• I'd be surprised if … the Cardinals don't win (or lose) by 30 points this weekend.

• I'd be surprised if … the bye week didn't offer more trouble for the Saints than their trip to St. Louis.

• I'd be surprised if … the Chiefs didn't miss injured right guard Mike Goff more than Larry Johnson.

• I'd be surprised if … the NFL doesn't lose fans when it excessively fines players like Chad Ochocinco for trying to have a little fun.

• I'd be surprised if … Jake Delhomme doesn't say to people, "Wow, that Jay Cutler sure throws a lot of interceptions."

• I'd be surprised if … Rashard Mendenhall doesn't have as big an impact as Cedric Benson this week.

• I'd be surprised if … most people knew that Jags running back Maurice Jones-Drew (737 yards and 11 touchdowns) is having the best year ever for a Jags back.

• I'd be surprised if … Tampa Bay quarterback Josh Freeman wasn't a little bit excited about facing a Miami defense with a gimpy Joey Porter and a porous defensive backfield (14.2 yards per catch).