'Unfriend' is word of year; we have others

Tue, Nov 17

"Unfriend" has been chosen as the word of the year by the New Oxford American Dictionary.

Defined as a verb that means to remove someone as a "friend" on a social-networking site such as Facebook, "unfriend" beat out numerous contenders, according to Reuters.

Overlooked and apparently not nominated were some of the following words from the world of sports, all of which have gained currency (at least with Page 2) in the past year:

Blount (verb): To deck someone who taunts you during a postgame handshake.

Jonesing (noun): When you buy a party pass to watch the Cowboys on the overhead scoreboard.

Rumpire (noun): A full-time replay umpire who sits on his butt until called upon to correct the mistakes of humans. (Note: Position does not yet exist, but the term already has been defined.)

LeBronzian (adjective): Characterized by having thin skin and a propensity to get posterized.