What did Donovan McNabb say to Jay Cutler?

Mon, Nov 23

What were Donovan McNabb and Jay Cutler talking about after Sunday night's Eagles-Bears game?

McNabb: Keep your head up.

Cutler: Uh-huh. (In his mind: Whatever.)

McNabb: This is just a bad phase.

Cutler: Uh-huh. (My hat is way cooler than your hat.)

McNabb: We all go through it.

Cutler: Yep. (Maybe YOU do. I'm awesome.)

McNabb: We support each other. This is a quarterback fraternity.

Cutler: Uh-huh. (Is there beer at this fraternity?)

McNabb: Everything will turn around eventually. Believe in that.

Cutler: OK. Thanks. (Yeah, and then I'm going to demand a trade out of Chicago and come take your job. I RULE!)