The Talented Mr. Roto: All-in-one column

Tue, Nov 24

So it's Thanksgiving week, and that means I, like many of you with your loved ones, get to take Thursday off to spend with my friends and family in College Station, Texas. And since you have three games to watch Thursday and strangers to elbow out of the way Friday to make sure you get your grubby little hands on that last Hannah Montana lampshade your kids just have to have, you're pretty much going to be setting your lineup Wednesday and letting it ride. That's cool. We got you covered with both pickups and Love/Hate all in this one here column. Think of it as the turducken of fantasy advice.

Now, obviously, I have a lot to be thankful for. But rather than you hearing about my job, or worse, some horrible, hacky "fantasy performances/players we should be thankful" column, I figured I should give back.

What are my readers thankful for? For once, I will turn it over to them and let them express their gratitude in the week when we should all remember how lucky we are.

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