Notable players with 'food' names

Thu, Nov 26

With today being Thanksgiving, we've decided to seek out athletes with "food" names

NameLeagueDraft status
Mitch BergerNFL193rd overall pick (6th round), 1994 NFL Draft
Coco CrispMLB7th round pick, 1999 MLB Draft

Chili Davis MLB11th round pick, 1977 MLB Draft

Bubba FranksNFL14th overall pick, 2000 NFL Draft

Channing FryeNBA8th overall pick, 2005 NBA Draft

Darvin HamNB Undrafted

Jack HamNFL34th overall pick (2nd round), 1971 NFL Draft

Cornbread MaxwellNBA12th overall pick, 1977 NBA Draft

Jerod MayoNFL10th overall pick, 2008 NFL Draft

O.J. MayoNBA3rd overall pick, 2008 NBA Draft

Chad MustardNFL Undrafted

Jim RiceMLB15th overall pick, 1971 MLB Draft

Jerry RiceNFL16th overall pick, 1985 NFL Draft

Samari RolleNFL46th overall pick (2nd round), 1998 NFL Draft

Antrel RolleNFL8th overall pick, 2005 NFL Draft

Dijon ThompsonNBA 54th overall pick (2nd round), 2005 NBA Draft