12 things in the NFL that would surprise me ...

Sun, Nov 29

I'd be surprised if … despite all the attention given to concussions in the NFL, most fans would understand the class and perspective involved in the Steelers' decision to sit Ben Roethlisberger in such a critical game.

I'd be surprised if … the Steelers don't respond to that decision and rally around Dennis Dixon and give the Ravens all they can handle.

I'd be surprised if … anyone knows how much worse off the Redskins would be if during this past offseason Dan Snyder had been able to get Jay Cutler or Mark Sanchez.

I'd be surprised if … anyone in Philly knows that last week at practice, Michael Vick picked up a ball and chucked it 70 yards.

I'd be surprised if … any team, let alone the Lions, could survive 14 players on injured reserve.

I'd be surprised if … the Jags don't become a wild-card fave after a trip through San Fran's D.

I'd be surprised if … Ricky Williams, 32, doesn't continue to look 10 years younger with another big day against the Bills.

I'd be surprised if … a Bengals loss to Cleveland wouldn't be the worst Thanksgiving disaster since WKRP's Turkey Drop.

I'd be surprised if … Matt Cassel hasn't been studying and preparing 24/7 for the Chargers' corner blitzes.

I'd be surprised if… Tom Brady has yet to experience the kind of consistent pressure he'll see against the blitz-crazy Saints.

I'd be surprised if … the Vikes don't get an 11th completion of 40 yards or longer against the Bears.

I'd be surprised if … Saints coach Sean Payton, having studied how the near-perfect 2007 Pats peaked too early, didn't think in the back of his mind that a wake-up, shake-up loss wouldn't be the end of the world.